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Art Warriors | Oct 9

  • 1 hour 30 minutes

Class Description

The Samurai class of medieval Japan believed that the best training served a person's whole being. A typical warrior studied martial arts and weapons, as well as poetry, painting, fine arts, history, philosophy, and so much more. When combined, these disciplines train us to focus, breathe, and be present. They promote the health and well-being of our whole selves. Kids ages 8 and up are invited to experience the benefits of training their minds, bodies, and hearts at this one-day workshop combining the fine arts with martial arts. From this training, young people can experience "kigurai," which is the confidence and serenity that comes with continuous, holistic learning. Thanks to a generous grant from the City of Durango, the $75 registration fee is 100% covered with a full tuition scholarship! Simply register for this workshop to be considered for full funding. (Note: when you register, you will not be asked for any credit card/payment information. You will only receive an invoice via email for your records. ) Additional details: This workshop will take place at Seed Studio, Room 106, Smiley Building (1309 E. 3rd Ave). During the art portion of the workshop, participants will learn how to craft Japanese woodblock printing. Pictures or images are etched into wood (or in this case, easy-to-carve Styrofoam). Ink is rolled over the image and then the "wood block" is pressed onto paper. For the martial training, participants will explore the basic concepts of of Aikido's non-violent approach to self-defense. They will also learn some fundamental bokken (sword) and jo (staff) exercises to train coordination and focus. Thoughtful questions posed by the instructors will get kids thinking and talking deeply about personal choices, actions, habits, and more. Kiddos should wear comfy clothes/activewear. Optional: wear a training gi if you already own one. Seed Studio will provide art supplies & expert instruction from founder and artist extraordinaire, Heidi Craw. DSBK will provide kid-appropriate training swords (bokken) and short staffs (jo). Participants will learn from Jenny Mason Sensei, Sandan (third-degree black belt). Experience with art or Aikido is not required. In fact, we hope kids arrive eager to try a new hobby! This workshop is made possible by a Lodgers Tax Arts and Culture Grant from the City of Durango and the Creative Economy Commission.

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121 W 32nd St unit d, Durango, CO, USA

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