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About DSBK

DSBK is a member-run nonprofit dojo in southwest Colorado. Since its founding in 2002, its mission has been to provide education on the philosophy and arts of Aikido, which is a modern Japanese martial art that embraces non-violent approaches to conflict resolution through personal development and self-mastery.

In other words, Aikido is self-defense with a do-no-harm attitude. Peace prevails over confrontation because you can defend yourself from conflict without adding violence to the situation. 

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Based In Tradition

Our educational mission is guided by the ideals of Budo along with the spirit and teachings of Shizuo Imaizumi, Shihan, founder of of Shin-Budo Kai (SBK). Imaizumi Sensei studied directly under Master Morihei Ueshiba, originator of Aikido.  He subsequently taught for the Ki Society led by Koichi Tohei. He blended these styles into his own take on the art, drawing from his 50-plus years of dedicated Aikido training.

What We Offer

DSBK provides training in Shin-Budo Kai style Aikido that includes Aikido-based self-defense techniques; the weapons-based arts of bokkendo (wooden sword) and jodo (wooden staff); the mind/body coordination exercises of genkido; and the meditative practices of misogi.

Our Values

For over 20 years, we have shared Aikido with our wider community through affordable classes, public demonstrations, and creative collaborations with local partners. We believe that Aikido training can help people develop discipline, confidence, and respect for others.

Meet Our Instructors

DSBK is led by a devoted team of volunteer instructors possessing decades of training. They are passionate about Aikido and helping students discover deeper levels of ability, poise, confidence, and awareness. 

Founding Shin-Budo Kai

Shizuo Imaizumi established Shin-Budo Kai in 1988. His goal was to establish an organization or association (kai) devoted to the search for truth (shin) along the martial path (budo). 


Imaizumi began training in Aikido in 1959 while a student at Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan. Waseda was a 15-minute walk from the Aikikai Hombu Dojo, and on May 1st, Sensei saw an Aikido demonstration by Morihei Ueshiba.


In 1965, with a rank of sandan, Imaizumi Sensei became an apprentice to the teaching staff (shidoin) at the Honbu dojo and his career as a professional Aikido instructor began. During this period he frequently took ukemi for O Sensei during the early morning Aikido classes. After O Sensei's death in April 1969, Imaizumi Sensei was chosen to accompany Waka-Sensei (the son of O-sensei) and his wife to enshrine the founder's remains  at the Ueshiba family graveyard at Tanabe.

Imaizumi Sensei was an instructor at the Aikikai Honbu until 1974 when he joined Koichi Tohei Sensei in his new organization, the Ki-no-kenkyukai (Ki Society; Shin-Shin Toitsu Aikido). In July 1975, Imaizumi Sensei came to New York to found the New York Ki Society and assume the role of Chief Instructor for the Eastern Region and the US.

In September of 1987, he resigned from the Ki Society. Shin-Budo Kai was founded in October 1988.


As an instructor, Imaizumi Sensei's style and perspectives were shaped by O Sensei, the second Doshu, Kisshomaru Ueshiba, as well as by Koichi Tohei Sensei. His weapons instruction draws from a variety of traditions, including Itto Ryu, Shinkage Ryu, Aiki Kenpo and Nihon Kendo styles of swordsmanship, and the Muso Ryu and Aiki Joho styles of jodo, or wooden staff training. Imaizumi officially retired from teaching in 2022. His students carry on the tradition and teachings Imaizumi instilled for decades. The entire SBK organization has grown into a larger consortium of dojos located in New York, Connecticut, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, and California.

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