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Promote Nonviolence

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A Passion for Peace

From its very beginnings, Aikido has centered around nonviolent pathways to conflict resolution. Martially, this means that when threatened, people can (and must) defend themselves; however, they need not inflict harm upon the attacker. Energy can be redirected. Conflicts can be resolved without adding violence. Up the ante. Level the score. An eye for an eye. These concepts simply do not function within Aikido's paradigm. 

When you support DSBK, you buoy an all-volunteer 501c3, educational organization that has shared the benefits of Aikido's philosophies and physical practice for over 20 years through affordable classes for adults and kids. None of our instructors or board members are paid. They donate their time year after year because they are passionate about this art. Additionally, our dojo proves to be reliable community ally, proudly partnering with diverse schools, community groups, nonprofits, and businesses, including Durango 9R, Silverton Schools, Seed Studio, Animas City Night Bazaar, Durango Dance, and many more. 

Modern People, Timeless Practice

Aikido evolved from combative tactics rooted deep in Japanese history. Nonetheless, this timeless art provides today's modern practitioners with a wealth of mental, physical, and spiritual/philosophical benefits. First, it polishes away aggression, superiority and arrogance. Second, practitioners learn, over time, to develop poise, confidence. They exhibit dignity and integrity. A 2017 compilation of academic research on aikido found that people derive many physical and psychological benefits from this martial art. Better balance, more flexibility, boosted confidence, greater mindfulness, and reduced anxiety are some of the reported findings.

Donations can be sent via mail, as well. Please make checks payable to: DSBK Aikido.
Mail donations to:

DSBK Aikido

c/o Philip Riffe - DSBK Treasurer

22927 Highway 140

Hesperus, CO 81326

Durango Shin-Budo Kai Aikido is a registered nonprofit corporation with the State of Colorado and is tax-exempt under the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 501(c)(3). Contributions made to DSBK qualify as charitable deductions under IRC Section 170.


Other Ways to Give

Giving is an attitude expressed in many ways.

Vegetable Shopping

City Market Rewards

Link DSBK to your City Market rewards card and a portion of every purchase you make is donated to our dojo.


DSBK Apparel

Shop for DSBK t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, and more. A portion of your purchase benefits our nonprofit.

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