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Weapons (Bokkendo/Jodo) |Saturday 9:15am

  • 1 h
  • 10 US dollars

Class Description

All Shin Budo Kai dojos offer traditional Japanese weapons training in Bokkendo, the Way of Swordsmanship with bokken (wooden swords), and Jodo, the Way of training with the jo (wooden staff). Students encounter a range of taisos (exercises) and paired katas (memorized patterns). Many of the hand-to-hand techniques practiced in regular Aikido classes root back historically to battlefields and disarming opponents before neutralizing them. As such, weapons enhance our ability to execute techniques. Through this training, students attain greater poise and focus. Weapons refine our posture and make our movements more efficient, balanced, and powerful. You do not need to buy a bokken or jo to participate in this class. Communal weapons are available. Arrive with enough time to dress out and be ready for class to start on time. If you are late, sit quietly at the back of the mats and wait for the sensei's cue to join the class. For ages 18 and up. Sensei/Instructor: Mark Winkworth

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations and refunds can be accommodated if requested up to 24 hours prior to the start of a class, bundle, or series. We cannot refund fees deducted by third-party credit card processors. Please email the name on the order and order number to to request a cancellation and refund. Requests made after the start of a class, bundle, or series cannot be accommodated.

Contact Details

  • 121 W 32nd St unit d, Durango, CO, USA


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