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Durango Aikido


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Beginner Boot Camp July

Sample the many wonders of Japan's youngest and most unusual martial art in two, condensed classes (7/15 & 7/22). Experience non-violent self-defense techniques, training with swords, and more!


About Durango Shin Budo Kai Aikido

Durango Shin Budo Kai Aikido is a nonprofit dojo established in 2002 centered on teaching Aikido, which is a Japanese martial art with a do-no-harm attitude that redirects the momentum of an attack to resolve situations peacefully. Our dojo also teaches traditional weapons including bokkendo and jodo, focused on self-mastery and non-violence. Our mission is to empower individuals to cultivate inner strength and confidence through martial arts practice.

Weekly Classes & Series

Join a welcoming member-run dojo



At Durango Shin Budo Kai Aikido, we believe in the power of community. Our dojo is a welcoming space where students support and encourage each other to achieve their goals. All humans are welcome. DSBK does not discriminate on the basis of age, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical ability, race, color, ethnic origin, national origin, political affiliation, religion, or any other protected identifying characteristic. 

Mental and Physical Strength

Our martial arts practice is designed to cultivate both mental and physical strength. Through regular training, students develop focus, resilience, and confidence. Fundamental exercises develop balance, coordination, and poise.



At Durango Shin-Budo Kai Aikido, we believe that true strength comes from self-mastery. In real budo (martial training), victory over others is not the goal. Instead, trainees seek agatsu, or victory over self. Our practice is focused on cultivating a deep understanding of oneself and one's relationship with the world.

Finding the Dojo

From Camino del Rio (US 550), head west on 32nd St. Take the first possible right into the alley (at the Kelly's Dry Cleaners). The DSBK Dojo is the last unit on your right. 

(Note: despite our numerous submitted corrections, Google Maps will lead you in a big circle around W. 2nd Ave, down a series of side alleys to the dojo. We do not recommend that route.)


Dojo News, Articles & Updates

Insightful articles from our community, special announcements, and more

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